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What is a Paleta? Story, Origin!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Discover the story behind this incredible Mexican dessert and get creative with delicious ice cream combinations. Discover the best ice cream shop in Iowa.

Paleta, The Ultimate Mexican Dessert

Fancy something sweet and frozen? Well, say hello to this handcrafted gourmet ice cream treat from Mexico. Paletas are a frozen Mexican dessert that combines gourmet ice cream and popsicles with a wide range of yummy and fresh toppings. Traditional Mexican paleta flavors include pineapple, coconut, mango, Sicilian Pistachio and Chocolate amongst others, but at Monarca Paletas in Iowa, you can now customize your paleta and choose your own toppings.

Monarca Paletas in Clive, Iowa now offers creative and mouth-watering combinations to honor this delicious Mexican dessert. Dip your popsicle in chopped nuts, cover it with chocolate and caramel sauce, or add a handful of sprinkles, the choice is yours! Giving locals a delicious ice cream experience, discover the story behind this local family-run ice cream shop and where paletas came from!

What Is A Paleta?

Paletas were first created in Mexico, in a town called Tocumbo. In the 1940s, a number of local families with a passion for all things sweet, started to make these frozen ice cream treats to offer a refreshing and delicious snack. Eventually, the families started to expand their ice cream production and moved into facilities called paleterias, hence the name paletas. Sold throughout the neighborhoods in Tocumbo from colorful ice cream carts, the popularity of these pretty Mexican desserts grew. Now paletas are a much loved Mexican dessert and have even made their way across the world.

At first glance, a typical paleta looks like a regular American popsicle, but they are distinctly different. Rather than being one flavor and one texture all the way through, paletas are made using chunks of fruit, vegetables and in some cases herbs. This fragrant and aromatic mix is then frozen around a wooden stick, paleta, Spanish for little stick. Once frozen, these refreshing Mexican desserts can be enjoyed as they are, or they can be made even more indulgent with toppings. Traditional paletas are made using natural ingredients such as mango, cucumber, lime juice, tamarind and others, but at Monarca Paletas, we are taking things to the next level.

At Monarca Paletas in Clive Iowa, you can now enjoy a modern twist on the traditional paleta and coat your snack in a wide range of fresh toppings. Some of our popsicles are made with ice cream and chocolate, whereas others look like a cute slice of watermelon.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth At Monarca Paletas

As a family-run business, Monarca Paletas has a wonderful story to tell. Born from a passion for ice cream, the couple behind this business, Fatima and Jose, spent years perfecting their paleta ice cream recipes before deciding to open their very first ice cream shop in Clive Iowa. Rather than simply sell ice cream, they decided to offer locals an ice cream experience. The husband and wife duo loves to inspire their customers to create their own flavor combinations and get experimental with these delicious frozen Mexican desserts. In fact, they love nothing more than to work on new and more innovative ice cream ideas, so you never know what this amazing shop will come up with next!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting a paleta before, what are you waiting for? Discover this wonderful local family run business and taste your way through their latest ice cream creations. You can thank us later!

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