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Family Run Iowa Ice Cream Shop Specializing In Mexican Paletas

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We are an independent, family run Iowa ice cream shop. We give traditional Mexican paletas a modern twist with innovative flavors and handcrafted ice cream.

Family Run Iowa Ice Cream Shop

If you’re looking for an exciting and delicious Iowa ice cream shop, head over to Monarca Paletas in Clive, Iowa. Specializing in handcrafted ice cream and Mexican paletas, if you enjoy frozen sweet treats, this is the perfect place for you. Our team has a mission to provide the best ice cream experience in Iowa, so we take the art of creating frozen Mexican treats to the next level. Family run, Monarca Paletas is open from 1pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday and 11am till late on the weekend. Let our modern take on traditional Mexican paletas satisfy your sweet tooth and support a local, independent family run business today.

Modern Take On Mexican Paletas

Recently opened in Clive, our Iowa ice cream shop was born from a desire and passion to create an ice cream experience like no other, while celebrating and sharing this delicious tradition from Mexico and Latin America. Traditional Mexican paletas are often made using water, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, but you can also enjoy Belgian chocolate or banana filled with Nutella. Although these flavors are amazing, husband and wife duo, Fatima Esparza and Jose Jacome from Monarca Paletas, wanted to give Mexican paletas a modern makeover. At Monarca Paletas you can now indulge in paleta flavor combinations such as strawberry cheesecake, avocado, Reeses peanut butter, Oreo and Fruity Pebbles. With new and exciting paleta flavors being developed on an ongoing basis, there will always be something new and yummy to try.

Whether you fancy a traditional Mexican paleta flavor such as watermelon and coconut, or you want to load up your Mexican paleta with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and chopped nuts, it’s time to let your ice cream creativity flow. Being able to completely customize your very own Mexican paleta at Monarca Paletas, is why this family run Iowa ice cream shop is quickly becoming the best ice cream experience in the whole state.

Handcrafted Ice Cream Desserts

Using high-quality and fresh ingredients, all the Mexican paletas at Monarca Gourmet Paletas are made in house and with love. This is good news for anyone looking for a refreshing treat. Hand-crafted and made in small batches, you can always enjoy fresh and great flavors.

With a passion for great customer service, Monarca Paletas collaborated with Sarah Price; a great local artist who created a stunning piece of art on the wall of their Iowa ice cream shop to allow customers to snap a picture of their desserts and handcrafted ice cream designs and post them on social media. So, have a taste of Mexico today and pop into this incredible Iowa ice cream shop.

Make sure to tag them on Instagram @monarcapaletas

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